280.00  כולל מע"מ

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  VDSL מודם/נתב אלחוטי

 תקן 300Mbps N
4  פורטים LAN במהירות 10/100Mbps
 תומך בתשתיות בזק והוט
DSL Port and 4-port Switch
The router is equipped with a DSL port to connect to a high-speed VDSL line. The built-in 4-port switch enables you to connect Ethernet-enabled computers, game consoles, and other devices to your network.
Wireless Interface
You are able to quickly create a wireless network at home or in your office, which lets your relatives or employees connect to your wireless network virtually anywhere (within the operational range of your wireless network). The router can operate as a base station for connecting wireless devices of the standards 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.
The router supports multiple functions for the wireless interface: several security standards (WEP, WPA/WPA2), MAC address filtering, and the WPS function.
In addition, the device is equipped with a button for switching the Wi-Fi network off/on. If needed, for example, when you leave home, you can easily switch the router’s WLAN by pressing the button, and devices connected to the LAN ports of the router will stay online.
The wireless router DSL-224 includes a built-in firewall. The advanced security functions minimize threats of hacker attacks, prevent unwanted intrusions to your network, and block access to unwanted websites for users of your LAN.
Built-in Yandex.DNS service protects against malicious and fraudulent web sites and helps to block access to adult content on children's devices.
Easy configuration and update
You can configure the settings of the wireless router DSL-224 via the user-friendly web-based interface (the interface is available in several languages).
Now you can simply update the firmware: the router itself finds approved firmware on D-Link update server and notifies when ready to install it.

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D LINK DSL 224 אוקיי נטD-LINK DSL-224
280.00  כולל מע"מ
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