Telephone exchanges

Virtual regularity - advanced and professional - fully customizable

At Okay Net, we will tailor the PBX you need exactly to your personal needs!

We would love to hear in detail what you need for your work as an individual, business or office,
Customize and give you an accurate system in the best tradition of our service.
When we actually provide a comprehensive service we know how to tailor an exact package for you, and without add-ons.
Our services in the field of switchboards include, among others:

Ordinary smart exchanges from Bezeq
Virtual PBXs
Permanent management of PBXs for changes
Fault support
Advanced IP-based phones
And more ...

Our main existing existing functions include:

Distribution of certificates and coupons
Sales system for matching
Sales reports for matching
Tests in a variety of modules
Telephone clearing
Division of labor
attendance report
Daily task reporting
Custom message
Live Broadcast
API operations
Play files
Reading text
Speech recognition
Sales system
Blocking numbers
Extensions by hours
Locking extensions
a conversation recording
Caller ID
Receiving and sending SMS
Receiving and sending faxes automatically
Sending voicemails
Scoring systems
Custom tune
Detailed reports
Live control with disconnection and referral options
Multiple conference calls
A tour group between extensions to and from it
Self-management portal
And more ...

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