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Support service and sale of peripherals for computers, software, blockages, installations and troubleshooting for private customers, businesses and institutions. Website building and promotion, telephone exchanges, online advertising, promotion, branding and design marketing, graphics and media.

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If you came here, you probably already heard about us, let's show you all the tools that can help you grow:

Support and service

Computer software, malfunctions, help, remote connection, maintenance, internet, blockages, user management, drivers, networks, office management.

Peripheral equipment

Sale of peripherals, computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, speakers, security products, antivirus, cameras, coders, communications and more.


Building computer software, applications, complex and complex websites, first-rate professionals in the field!

Telephone exchanges

Building standard and virtual telephone systems for businesses, educational and private institutions, routing extensions, tests, reports, recordings, division of tasks, reporting hours and a variety of other options.


Business websites for selling products and service providers from the smallest to the largest, full and comprehensive support


Internet connections and modems [router, netstick] are filtered from the best companies.

social media

Targeted and segmented advertising in social media, direct marketing and mailing, audience building.


Website design, general graphics, logo and comprehensive and complete branding for your business and for any purpose, precise and customized dedicated professional service


Marketing in all and all styles and sectors, print, digital, internet, outdoor advertising, and more

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אוקיי נט!

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"Amazing designs and quality work!"

As a freelancer in the digital field, I came to Okay Net following a recommendation more than two years ago, and since then I have matched the company to a number of my clients in favor of building websites and other projects. It is a pleasure to work with professionals who understand business and marketing alongside an online user experience, and provide a quality 360-degree service that saves the customer time and money and also ensures that everything is done in coordination. Thanks 🙂
Dan Zohari
Petah Tikva Israel

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Working for you to be satisfied around the clock non-stop, happy to serve you and give you the most perfect service!

Simcha r.

Entrepreneur, CEO and owner

Feldman Markets

Marketing and Digital

H. Grandfather

Sales and customer service

External professionals

Experts in their field

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